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How Stories Help Kids and 5 Tips for You to Tell Engaging Stories- Chitman Kaur, Hey Cloudy- 65

April 21, 2021

We all have heard stories as kids and we still enjoy listening to them. Stories are not only fun to listen to, they also help us in learning new things whether it's morals, some concepts or anything else. With increasing screen time and lack of time the art of storytelling is getting lost. We can show kids something or read a book to them but telling a story to your kid is an intimate and fun experience. That's why in this episode, I am sharing some storytelling tips with you. I am talking to Chitman Kaur, founder of HeyCloudy, India's first screen free audio listening app which curates stories for kids. The beautiful simple stories help kids in getting engaged without a screen and also help them in learning. Listen in for some fun and simple storytelling tips that will help you in telling engaging stories and in bonding with your kids. Connect with @littlefixespodcast on Instagram //

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